Welcome Landowners

Welcome to the Landowner resource page of the GBSD EIS website. This page is designed for landowners as a resource for reference materials, documents, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and communications. It is also strongly recommended that you view each of the main tabs (Stations & Location and Additional Resources) for additional details regarding the overall GBSD EIS.

Need for Surveys

The Air Force is proposing to construct new facilities on the three installations (F.E. Warren AFB, WY; Malmstrom AFB, MT; and Minot AFB, ND), convert the Minuteman III missile alert facilities and launch facilities in the associated missile fields to the GBSD weapons system, install new utilities and communication towers within the missile fields, and establish temporary staging areas and workforce hubs. Beginning in spring of 2021, the government will begin field surveys of these areas for both biological and cultural resources to assist them in planning. These surveys would occur both on base and in the missile fields. In general, all survey work will be done by a field survey team consisting of two to four biologists or archaeologists who will walk through the survey area to identify and document potential threatened and endangered species and habitat suitable to support them, wetlands, or archaeological areas of concern. The associated tabs on this page provide details of the field survey process.

On site survey work is planned to begin in the spring of 2021 once the ground is not frozen and the surface is snow-free. The above buttons, Communication Letters, FAQs, Fieldwork, Reference Material, and Schedule, provide details about how and when the biological and cultural resource field surveys will occur.

Right of Entry Requests

Access to a portion of your property may be needed to conduct the biological and cultural resource field surveys. If so, you will receive a right of entry request correspondence from the Commander of the installation near you. The request is to allow the Air Force and its contractors to access your property to conduct the surveys.

The Air Force Real Property Management Division is responsible for all real property transactions conducted for the GBSD Project. The Air Force has collaborated with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to obtain right-of-entry to privately-owned parcels to support the GBSD EIS survey work effort and has the responsibility to:

  • Identify the legal private landowners of tracts identified and alternate points of contact for landowners if initial contact is erroneous. This includes collecting parcel property data from the county assessor, and sending initial mailings to all the potentially affected property owners identified within the project area.

  • Conduct follow-up calls to all landowners to ensure receipt of the ROE (Right of Entry) package and be the primary point of contact for any landowner queries regarding ROEs, and relay/forward the information or results to the Air Force.

  • Assist with contacting landowners to keep them informed about pending surveys.


As described in the right of entry request letter you received, there are multiple ways for you to ask questions regarding the request.

F.E. Warren AFB, WY

1 (402) 995-2839

Malmstrom AFB, MT

1 (800) 265-9309

Minot AFB, ND

1 (402) 995-2839